Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Got the Call for the PreConstruction Meeting

Pretty excited!!! We got the call yesterday to schedule our pre-construction meeting.  I've been reading through the forums and trying to get together a list of things to ask or consider asking during the meeting.  I was hoping maybe people here can help me.  So far, here is my list:

  • Can the wall in the laundry and MS closet be unblocked to give each room more space?
  • Adding a drain hole to the upstairs laundry room in case of water leaks
  • Adding PVC pipes from attic to basement for potential rewiring 
  • Widen the drive way to allow for an extra car in the driveway
  Can anyone provide some suggestions? Kind of lost right now.  Thanks


    Review this link by Thomas. It covers a bunch.

    1. Sgt.Rich was the originator for quite a few suggestions so definitely shared credit with him and the other blogging friends who have contributed.

  2. Yay! We are finally going somewhere with this!