Thursday, June 28, 2012

So, we've been back and now they're putting up the foundation wall.  Well, it's actually already up but I wasn't able to capture any pictures of it since it was already 9pm when we got there and it was just too dark to snap any pictures.  But here are some pictures of the foundation wall after the cement has been poured in.  This is pretty fast considering they started last Tuesday and as of yesterday the foundation wall was up.  I just hope my condo gets rented out soon. I just put it up on the market on Monday.  Just a big stress ball that it won't get rented before settlement.  I know it's too early to stress since i'm like 2.5 months away. 


  1. Awesome, it's going UP!! Claim IT--your condo is SOLD!! Yay!

  2. Hi JQ,

    How is your house coming along? You have probably moved in by now.
    Any updates on your new house? Good? Bad? problems?.

    We just signed a contract for the Shakespeare in the same neighborhood as you (Clrkvi) so any tips would be appreciated. Hope to hear from you.