Thursday, May 31, 2012

Go Time!!

When I finally got a chance to look at the sheet with the flooring options we selected and compared it to the master option list generated by Ryan, I noticed that the carpet runner was selected on that sheet as well.  Not sure if this was a double charge or not since Ryan sends you off to a 3rd party flooring place for your floors.  We figured it gave us an excuse to go walk around the model again. We get excited each time we walk through.  Talked to the SR and it turned out it was a double charge.  She made the correction and off we went. :-)  We asked about the progress of the house and she informed us that they should be breaking ground the 2nd week of June and that we should be receiving a call from her to schedule a pre-construction meeting with the PM. Not sounding very adult like, I looked at her with a huge smile and said, "SHUT UP".  oops. Couldn't help it.  Our dirt ground may turn into a hole soon.  yippie!!!!

Need to finish painting our condo so we can put it up for rent.  Man, I hate painting.  1 bedroom and 2 full baths to go.  Then it's time to paint the trim.  Did I say I hate painting yet? I really hate painting.  I must say, the Wagner Turbo Roller is pretty sweet.  Does help cut down on time.


  1. We have to paint our entire condo and it's three stories! We are totally hiring someone to do it after we move out. It would take FOREVER to paint EVERYTHING!

    1. Yeah, we have a three story condo as well. There is no price tag for time. Edging a room is the worst.

  2. Good catch! I read over our paperwork many times to make sure there were no errors. Good luck with the painting. I actually enjoy it ;)

  3. It is good to show some emotion there, that is good news to have it start so quickly!