Thursday, June 28, 2012

So, we've been back and now they're putting up the foundation wall.  Well, it's actually already up but I wasn't able to capture any pictures of it since it was already 9pm when we got there and it was just too dark to snap any pictures.  But here are some pictures of the foundation wall after the cement has been poured in.  This is pretty fast considering they started last Tuesday and as of yesterday the foundation wall was up.  I just hope my condo gets rented out soon. I just put it up on the market on Monday.  Just a big stress ball that it won't get rented before settlement.  I know it's too early to stress since i'm like 2.5 months away. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Picture of the Hole

View from the drive way. Not much to see but rocks.

Looking into the hole.  Not too sure what or why they patterned this out.  I'm assuming it's for the foundation.

 Another picture looking into the hole.  Standing in the driveway.

 Big old rock they took out of the hole.  It was pretty big. Thank God for machinery.

Not sure why I took this pic, but it's the pile of dirt made from digging the hole.

It Begins, There's a Hole!!!

Had our pre-construction meeting this week and was told they were going to break ground either that day or the next.  They were waiting for the permit and was expecting it that day.  I found it funny that at the end of the meeting the PM basically said, in much nicer words, don't be dumb when you come visit the house during construction.  Kind of chuckled inside. But that could just be my own humor making me laugh.  Well, we went back to the house the next day and there it was. A big hole in the ground.  It felt so good to see a dirt patch turn into a big hole.  Put a huge smile on our faces that the house has now begun.  Took some pictures but I figure I'll save you guys the trouble of looking at a big hole in the ground.  I think only we'd be excited to see a hole in the ground. :-)

So, I asked a couple of things during the meeting:
  • Question: Can I widen the driveway?
  • Answeer: No. But only b/c of distance I had between my yard to the next.  But he would widen it as much as he could
  • Question: Can I run a conduit from the attic to the basement?
  • Answer: Yes, but will need to be done by me.
  • Question: Can I run speaker wires?
  • Answer: Yes, just not high voltage wires.
  • Question: Can I move one air vent a little bit over to make room for a bench to be install later in the morning room?
  • Answer: Yes
  • Question: Can I install insulation on the exterior driveway wall?
  • Answer: Yes, but may have to be done in the evening the night before the dry wall comes up. 
He basically said we can talk more about this stuff after the framing goes up. Our PM was a good guy and really seemed like he wanted to give us what we wanted as much as he could.  It definitely felt good.  Still need to ask if they can put a drain on the floor in the washer room.  We were told we'd get a firmer delivery date probably in a couple of weeks to a month.  I hope rates are still low.  It looks like it'll be 3 months to build and deliver.  Is that normal?  That is pretty fast.  I hope they're not just rushing and then missing stuff.  Oh, they said they'd be installing a low voltage ventilation fan that runs all the time in the upstairs bathroom.  Has anyone had any experience with these?  We drove around and also noticed that our house is going up before some of the other lots that's had sold signs on before ours.  Thought that was kind of weird.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Got the Call for the PreConstruction Meeting

Pretty excited!!! We got the call yesterday to schedule our pre-construction meeting.  I've been reading through the forums and trying to get together a list of things to ask or consider asking during the meeting.  I was hoping maybe people here can help me.  So far, here is my list:

  • Can the wall in the laundry and MS closet be unblocked to give each room more space?
  • Adding a drain hole to the upstairs laundry room in case of water leaks
  • Adding PVC pipes from attic to basement for potential rewiring 
  • Widen the drive way to allow for an extra car in the driveway
  Can anyone provide some suggestions? Kind of lost right now.  Thanks