Monday, May 21, 2012

It has begun

I've been reading several posts and it got me excited to join everyone and document our journey toward our new home.  After months of house "window" shopping, maybe next year conversations, debating of when the right time was, pregnancy and a baby, new or used debates, and tons of "just looking" statements, my wife and I somehow stumbled into the Shakespeare model built by Ryan Homes in Clarksburg, MD.  We totally loved it but was a bit skeptical due to the bad reviews we read online.  We talked to several people and just figured that with such a large builder, you're going to have good and bad reviews.  Crossing our fingers.

At this stage we've already gone through the option selection process and I'd say that we have been really pleased with our experience.  I believe we put a contract on the house in late March.  Our SR has been very friendly and helpful.  There was no pressure at all to buy or upgrade any of the options.  She basically just answered our questions and let us decide if it was worth it to us.  There was a good amount of incentives, finished rec room basement (NVR mortgage incentive), upgrade #1 floors in foyer and kitchen, upgrade #1, countertops, upgrade #1 cabnets,  upgrade #1 bathroom tiles, and finished master suite sitting room.  I believe that was it, maybe I'm missing something else.   I'll place our options selections in another post.  We're basically waiting for the pre-construction meeting with the PM and SR at this point.  I believe they said that may not happen till June or early July. 

I hope everyone enjoys our journey as much as I've enjoyed reading about everyone else's.


  1. Can't wait till our next appointment!!

  2. Just found your blog! Feel free to follow mine at

  3. Congratulations and good luck! We are closing on our new Ryan home in two days. Feel free to read about our journey at

  4. Welcome to the group!

  5. Welcome to our little world JQ. As for reviews, you show me anything you deem perfect and I will find someone that can whine about it. I believe a lot has to do with perception. Walk the path with patience and a punching bag and you will be good to go. ASK tons of questions and NEVER assume your PM sees what you see. Most of us have stories of pointing something out that our PM didn't notice; thus saving a problem down the road.
    Again, welcome to the club.

    1. Thank You everyone. My biggest fear is missing something.

  6. Congrats and welcome to the blogging/building world! I think you'll be happy as long as you go in with the right attitude -- this is a big builder, things will not be perfect, but the value is amazing and the quality is still high. Looking forward to following your journey!